Coyote Valley employs approximately 200 local community members for a variety of support and professional capacities to assist in daily operations. Our Tribal Administration and Enterprises are comprised of a Gaming Facility, Land and Facilities, Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection, Education Services, Housing, Tribal Police and Fiscal/Finance Departments.

Tribal and Indian Preference

Pursuant to the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 U.S.C § 450e(b) and Tribal law, Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and its enterprises applies the policy of “Tribal and Indian Preference” when filling vacancies by promotion, transfer, hire and re-hire. Primary consideration under this policy shall be given to qualified applicants who are enrolled tribal members of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians. Secondary consideration shall be given to family members of enrolled tribal members. Family members are defined as lawful spouses or domestic partners, brother, sister, mother, father, child, grandmother and grandfather. Tertiary consideration shall be given to those enrolled in other federally recognized tribes. Fourth in consideration is to all other applicants.

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Joe Deacon

Patrick Streight, Director of Human Resources

Patrick Streight is the new Director of Human Resources. Patrick started his journey in human resources as an intern with the Marriott’s corporation in 1971. Back then human resources was known as personnel management. He was part of their management trainee corporation and was told in order to continue down that path, he would have to relocate to the Midwest for three years with no guarantee to return to California. As a born and bred Californian, he refused the position and built houses for the next 25 years. Patrick returned to HR in 1998, working with the tribes and has been doing Directors duties since then.

Patrick has been happily married to his wife Janet for 25 years and looks forward to the next 25. They have raised three kids, one boy and two daughters. In his youth, Patrick was an avid backpacker and walked over 2,500 miles of the PCT. Growing up in the bay area during the sixties was an adventure that has left its mark on him. He holds the sixties responsible for his baldness.

Patrick Streight is a 20-year Veteran of Native American Tribal Casino’s in Human Resources activities throughout the Western U.S. He most recently was HR Director at Legends Casino in Oregon, Hard Rock Casino in New Mexico, Colusa Casino and Lucky 7 Casino in California. Patrick brings a strong knowledge of human resources legal, benefits and employee relations skills to Coyote Valley Casino and Tribal Operations Employees and Management Team.

During his career, Patrick has served Native American tribes and worked with tribal youth and adults in vocational training, TERO and retail operations such as hotels, convenience stores and many other entities. During these prior positions, Patrick has served the tribes in expansion and construction of new and remodeled facilities.